Send an email with python

Here's a simple script to send an email with python using the smtplib. 

#!/usr/bin/env python
# example : mailman.send('',[''],['','yourpassword',''],'This is a subject','this is the content')
import smtplib

List of punk rock bands with side projects

Here's a list of my favorite punk bands and the side projects associated with them.

Bad Religion

Greg Graffin (Acoustic, 2 albums)

Social Distortion

Mike Ness (Acoustic, 2 albums)


Nikola Sarcevic (Acoustic, 2 albums)

Hot Water Music

Chuck Ragan (Acoustic, 4 albums)


Zoli band (Acoustic, 1 album)


Dallas Green (Acoustic, 1 album, i think)

Top air cleaning houseplants

Top 20 Android Apps

Here's a list of my favorite and most useful apps on my android phone.
You have to understand that I have an old Lg Shine plus with Android Eclair (2.1) and I don't have a 3G connection.
So theses are the apps that work for me and they are all free!